Research Programs

Program 1: Advancing industries and recovery


Advancing Coastal Industries and recovery Providing integrated solutions that fast-track and streamline decision-making across jurisdictions to boost industry development, tourism and economic recovery. Areas of focus: new decision support tools to accelerate recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic and other major disaster events, and support more integrated longer [...]

Program 2: Boosting productivity and sustainability


Boosting productivity and sustainability Providing coastal industries with new tools, solutions and technologies to increase their production and catalyse new business opportunities and ventures in sustainable ways. Areas of focus: innovative options for managing constrained space for coastal aquaculture activities in sea and on land; improved [...]

Program 3: Quantifying and realising value


Quantifying and realising value Quantifying the cumulative benefits of coastal solutions using market-based tools, policy instruments and community engagement to realise the value of environmental stewardship and sustainable growth. Areas of focus: developing a better understanding of consumer demands and values for coastal products and services; [...]

Program 4: Building long-term coastal resilience


Building long-term coastal resilience Providing tools, solutions and technologies to better manage and plan for the impacts of extreme weather events and future changes on critical infrastructure and population centres in the coastal zone.Areas of focus: developing innovative tools to better assess and predict the vulnerability of critical built infrastructure, [...]