Project Description

Quantifying and realising value

Quantifying the cumulative benefits of coastal solutions using market-based tools, policy instruments and community engagement to realise the value of environmental stewardship and sustainable growth.

Areas of focus:

  • developing a better understanding of consumer demands and values for coastal products and services;

  • understanding changing preferences for coastal protection and restoration;

  • improving measurements of true returns and risks (ecological, social, economic) of coastal adaptation and development;

  • development of better functioning markets for coastal solutions to deliver carbon, waste and development offsets; and

  • creating new business opportunities for Indigenous Corporations and regional community groups.

Potential research projects

3.1 Establishing the demand side of the seafood value chain

3.2 Social impact of wastewater management and desalinisation

3.3 Targeting investment in coastal defence

3.4 Balancing environmental health and community wealth for port development

3.5 Removing the roadblocks for trading ‘blue’ offsets

3.6 Sustainable regional economies – new business ventures in ecotourism and seafood production

3.7 Engaging Indigenous business in coastal enterprise

3.8 Integrated models to determine the ROI in new major tourism developments

3.9 Insurance for tourism enterprises in the face of changing environmental conditions


Dr Abbie Rogers,
University of Western Australia


 Associate Professor Melissa Nursey-Bray,
The University of Adelaide