Project Description

Building long-term coastal resilience

Providing tools, solutions and technologies to better manage and plan for the impacts of extreme weather events and future changes on critical infrastructure and population centres in the coastal zone.

Areas of focus:

  • developing innovative tools to better assess and predict the vulnerability of critical built infrastructure, to inform decisions about investment and insurance in protection measures;

  • helping extend coastal defence strategies from ‘grey’ to ‘green’ and hybrid approaches such as living shorelines to protect coastal assets and restore resilience across coastal seascapes;

  • optimising the design, planning and management of urban infrastructure for long-term resilience, taking into account uncertain future conditions and trade-offs between competing objectives; and

  • developing new technologies and models to efficiently monitor coast, waterway and estuary dynamics.

Potential research projects

4.1 Development of a national framework for implementation of nature-based coastal protection initiatives

4.2 Application of broad scale coastal monitoring technologies to quantify changes

4.3 Integrated decision support system for improving productivity and long-term resilience

4.4 Development of optimal climate adaptation and mitigation strategies for infrastructure

4.5 The Blue Boomerang – placing Australia at the forefront of dive ecotourism

4.6 Waterway management decision support – navigating our way to a blue highway


Professor Rodger Tomlinson,
Griffith University


Prof Ryan Lowe,
the University of Western Australia