Project Description

Boosting productivity and sustainability

Providing coastal industries with new tools, solutions and technologies to increase their production and catalyse new business opportunities and ventures in sustainable ways.

Areas of focus:

  • innovative options for managing constrained space for coastal aquaculture activities in sea and on land;

  • improved technical and regulatory capacity to arrest degradation of fisheries and habitats;

  • improved capacity and methodologies to restore coastal water quality and secure blue carbon; and

  • creation of circular economies linking coastal and catchment industries.

Potential research projects

2.1 Refreshing aquaculture priorities through diversification and better waste management

2.2 Restocking solutions for commercial and recreational fisheries

2.3 Utilisation and development impacts for natural resources

2.4 Restoring our living coastlines to offset development

2.5 National guidelines for coastal developments, habitat restoration, restocking fisheries and aquaculture expansion

2.6 Circular economy of catchment to coast – new products, services and business linkages to boost sustainable production and create jobs


 Professor Nicholas Paul,
University of the Sunshine Coast


 Professor Bronwyn Gillanders,
University of Adelaide