Project Description

Advancing Coastal Industries and recovery

Providing integrated solutions that fast-track and streamline decision-making across jurisdictions to boost industry development, tourism and economic recovery.

Areas of focus:

  • new decision support tools to accelerate recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic and other major disaster events, and support more integrated longer term coastal zone management and industry development;

  • more usable data and greater sharing of data across organisations and jurisdictions to identify market opportunities and improve the competitiveness of coastal destinations and economies;

  • improve data on coastal visitation to support economic and tourism development, encourage investment and inform better management practices;

  • more effective environmental monitoring using advanced technologies to improve efficiency and create more integrated and productivity outcomes; and

  • improved capacity to measure the cumulative environmental impacts of industry.

Potential research projects

1.1 Growing Australia’s market share of coastal and aquatic tourism

1.2 Rebooting Australia’s cruise tourism industry

1.3 Rebuilding aviation and cruise routes

1.4 Development of coastal Indigenous tourism experiences

1.5 Integrated tourism destination management, planning and performance measurement

1.6 Disentangling cumulative impacts to enhance environmental stewardship for coastal industries

1.7 Automation for rapid industrial and environmental monitoring

1.8 Land-use planning for populous coastal regions

1.9 Streamlined approval for coastal development


Dr Sarah Gardiner,
Griffith University


Professor Rod Connolly,
Griffith University