About us

The Thriving Coasts CRC provides a vital platform for coastal stakeholders to explore new and innovative ways to codevelop technologies, processes and solutions that will enable coastal industries, communities and ecosystems to thrive and prosper.

The impact of floods, bushfires and the unprecedented COVID-19 global pandemic means the ongoing productivity and resilience of our coastal industries and ecosystems is at serious risk. The Thriving Coasts CRC will bring industry, small and medium enterprises, governments, researchers and coastal communities together to ensure the people, industries and ecosystems of our coasts are better able to recover, revitalise and become more resilient to ongoing change and future shocks through innovative research and development.

The CRC draws research and development capacities from four universities. We welcome broader participants and supporters from across related sectors. If you would like to join us, contact us to discuss your interest.

What is a CRC?

The Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Program is a Commonwealth Government program providing funding for up to 10 years.

CRCs are independent entities, established and governed as incorporated companies limited by guarantee and comprising industry-driven collaborations between industry, researchers and the community. The focus is on research and development that will have commercial and practical applications.

The CRC program aims to improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries, especially in government priority areas, use high quality research to solve industry-identified problems, and encourage SMEs to take part in collaborative research.

With more than 226 CRCs being funded since the program’s commencement, the Australian Government has committed more than $4.5 billion in CRC funding.

Research partners

Industry partners

Why become a partner?

The benefits to CRC partners are considerable but will vary. In broad terms the Thriving Coasts CRC will provide partners with several unique benefits not available through any other mechanism. These include:

  • Being part of the nation’s largest and highest profile collaboration focused on building economic growth through thriving coasts and industries
  • Having access to an expected $100 million to $150 million of resources secured through this collaborative effort
  • Having access to high quality impactful research and translation outcomes with partner contributions expected to account for 15% to 20% of total CRC resources
  • Being able to influence the direction of these resources and be at the forefront of development in the sector
  • Building valuable networks as well as having access to Australia’s world-leading researchers