Thriving Coasts CRC

The Thriving Coasts CRC will drive economic recovery, helping to develop productive and sustainable industries, and build long-term resilience in Australia’s vital coastal communities.

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Research Director’s Message

The Challenge

85% of Australians live within 100km of the coast where land and sea-based industries such as tourism, aquaculture, fisheries, shipping, utilities, construction and recreational services occur. Operating in coastal zones is increasingly constrained by competition to access coastal areas and by restrictions on coastal uses. Compounding these pressing challenges are the increasing impacts of sea level rise and extreme events (erosion, storms, floods, bushfires) and now the economic impacts of COVID-19.

The Opportunity

Thriving Coasts CRC will bring industry, small and medium enterprises, governments, academics and coastal communities together to help develop innovative Australian coastal industries and build prosperous, vibrant and resilient coastal communities for the future.

Thriving Coasts CRC will help:

  • Reboot Australia’s world-class tourism sector devastated by the impact of Covid-19
  • Reposition Australia’s aquaculture and fisheries sector and place it on a globally competitive growth trajectory
  • Protect Australia’s critical coastal infrastructure and population centres with more efficient and cost-effective technologies and solutions
  • Enable Australian technology, engineering and other coastal service SME’s to grow their businesses and pursue significant export opportunities
  • Provide governments at all levels with better science for decision making, policy development, risk assessment, and monitoring
  • Help develop effective alternatives and opportunities of carbon offset
  • Secure the health, restoration and integrity of our coastal environment for future generations